What is Spyware

What is Spyware

Spyware is a malicious program that hijacks your computer/pc. Spyware is a parasite that attaches itself to the computer’s operating system and steals your data, such as PIN, Password. Spyware is software that enables a user to obtain covert information about another’s computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive.

SPYWARE Characteristics

  • Spyware sends data on a user’s computer to another party when connected to an internet network
  • Spyware creates unwanted forms of advertising, or sends personal information unbeknownst to it.
  • Spyware can also cause the computer to run slow or crash. [Continued]
  • Spyware is different from viruses or trojans.
  • Spyware is not to disable a computer, but to hijack a computer, so at least some of the computers can be at least part of the computer can be controlled by someone other than by the owner of the computer.
  • There is a change in browser settings where the user feels never change or install it.
  • Pop up ads appear every time the user is connected to the internet

How Spyware attack your Computer/PC
1. Download/Install free software from Internet connection
2. Email Files
3. Internet Ads
4. Hackers
5. Trojans & Viruses

How to Protect Your PC/Laptop from Spyware:
1. Clean cache/Cookies always
2. Install and Use Firewall
3. Install and Updating Anti-Virus Periodically
4. Updating your Operating System
5. Backup Registry

The most dangerous type of Spyware:

  1. Download Music
  2. Adult Sites
  3. Free Software
  4. Detective Software
  5. Internet Monitoring Software
  6. Web Bugs (Advertiser)
  7. Chat Loggers & Email Recorders
  8. Unknown Emails


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