weird items for sale online in eBay

The Internet is growing rapidly, nowadays around the internet world is the place to search for things, files, addresses and goods. There are many markets on the internet that we know about online stores, and so many items that are sold even strange items that are not worth selling.

It is unknown what goals they offer goods or something strange online.


Here are 5 strange items that are traded online:


1. Sperm Whale Carcass

In May 2014 a 12 meter long sperm whale died in the seaside city of Cape St. George. Initially Mayor Peter Fenwick hire some people to pull the whale carcasses into the sea but their efforts were unsuccessful.

After a few days the carcass starts decomposing, the mayor was getting confused how to get rid of the carcasses. Finally they decided to place an advertisement for the carcass on eBay’s online store.

The real purpose is only to find out who can get rid of the whale carcass. However, many netizens saw the carcass of the whale product and finally eBay stopped the auction for violating policy.

Unfortunately, there are no reports of what the selling price was, and whether the carcass was selling well or not.


2. Rats in a jar

In the online business, you may be familiar with cosmetics sold share in jar (share in the packaging). However, it is different if what is put in the jar is a mouse.

Don’t be surprised, online sites also sell rats in jars. Whether the goal to be a pet or anything, mice in a jar called the behavior of up to 13 dollars


3. Objects mythical Chupacabra

Chupacabra, for people who do not believe, is reportedly the mythical creatures drink blood. This creature is said to have a reptile-like appearance and has an affinity for goats. So don’t worry because he only sucks the blood of goats, not humans.

There are sellers who claim their products are 100 percent genuine and sell them at a price of USD 35.


4. The human spirit

Just so you know, it turns out that on eBay there have been people who have tried to sell spirits online. It is said that the offered spirit can belong to the person concerned or to someone else’s.

Because of this phenomenon, eBay issued a buying and selling policy on their site, which reads:

“eBay does not permit the auction of the human spirit for the following reasons: If the spirit does not exist,, eBay couldn’t allow auctions because there wouldn’t be anything for sale. However, if spirits do exist, in accordance with eBay’s policy on human body parts and remains, we will not allow the auction of human spirits”.

5. Child naming copyright

is it possible that you want to name a child after a name that is rare and almost never used in the world?

If so, you may be able to apply for a copyright on your child’s behalf. This was done by a woman from Arkansas, United States, several years ago.

The unnamed woman sold the naming rights to her seven children on eBay. Unmitigated, he offered the copyright in the name of the child at a price of 15,000 US dollars (Rp 215 million).

Reportedly, the sale of naming rights was not approved by eBay or any other online shopping site.


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