The Best Video Editing Software

Video Editing Softwares Free for PC / Laptop


Slightly, according to my experienced for editing video and make a video, I used 5 these video editing software for my pc/desktop. It’s fast and easy to use.

1. Windows Movie Makers 2012 

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing tool for Windows and exists since windows XP started and you can turn into movies with simply workflows by drag and drop. Windows Movie Makers 2012 has features like video effects, video transitions, adding titles / credits, audio tracks, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. This software can allow you to drop audio directly on tops on videos in the program’s timeline. Download 

2. Video Pad

Video Pad has a standard video editor feature. However, there are advantages of this software is rarely owned by other video editors. This video editor is capable of editing video extension .3gp which generally outputs from HandPhone. In addition to these advantages, this software is able to edit from any camcorder. VideoPad also provides more than 50 visuals and transition effects to add a touch to your video. Dowload

3. Free Video Dub

This video editing software that lets you remove unwanted parts from video files without re-encoding. And retains the original quality of the input video files and removes the unnecessary parts easily and quickly. Download

4. Cinelerra

Cinelerra is a video editing tool that no previous experience is required. Written in C++, Cinelerra offers powerful features that are quite simplified by means of the simple UI it has. You can download Cinelerra for almost every Linux distribution and the tool will be quite useful, we bet. UI Cinelerra has three sections that help editors do their job neatly — Timeline, Viewer, Resource Window and Compositor. Download

5. Lightworks

We’ve seen different video editing softwares for different platforms, but Lightworks is the only video editor that does have support for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Some un-matchable features of Lightworks include dedicated & powerful support for background I/O, dedicated keyboard to enhance video editing experience, multi-cam editing as well as an impressive set of real time effects that will come in handy when it comes to professional video editing. The list of features also includes dedicated web export option, background export, import and rendering etc. Download

Note: For beginner, I suggest you to use windows movie maker, because this software is really simple and easy enough for beginner. (post production video editing software, go pro video editing software, Video Editing Softwares Free, video editing software professionals use, black magic video editing software free download, gopro video editing software, high definition video editing software, top video editing softwares, best free advanced video editing software)




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