British cyber security agency, National Cyber ​​Security Center, urged the government to avoid using antivirus software from Russian companies, including Kaspersky Lab. Antivirus software is feared could be dangerous if accessed by the Russian government.

UK Government Urged to Stop Using Russian Antivirus
UK Government Urged to Stop Using Russian Antivirus

Director of National Cyber ​​Security Center UK, Ciaran Martin, delivered the appeal in an official letter. He said Russian-made antivirus software should not be used in systems containing information that could compromise national security if accessed by the Russian government.

Martin explains, it is in dialogue with Kaspersky Lab to develop a system to review the various products used in the UK. This is not the first time Kaspersky is prohibited from being used by a country.

Kaspersky’s antivirus software was blocked from US government network early this year. The reason, Kaspersky is considered to have close ties with a number of intelligence services in Moscow, Russia, and his software is likely used for Russian spying activities.

“We are discussing with Kaspersky Lab about whether we can develop a framework that allows us and others to independently verify,” Martin wrote in a statement released to the public.

Despite appeals directed at government agencies, British bank Barclays said over the weekend it has stopped offering Kaspersky antivirus products to its customers.

“While this new guide is not addressed to the public, we have decided to withdraw Kaspersky’s software from our consumer website,” Barclays said in a statement.

Kaspersky party in the statement explained was working with the National Cyber ​​Security Center to overcome this problem, quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (5/12/2017).

Kaspersky has so far strongly denied allegations about the safety of its products and the company’s relations with the Russian Government. Kaspersky actually considers it has been a victim in the middle of increasing tensions between the US and Russia.

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