Huawei sentenced two of its employees to the incident of sending New Year’s greetings on Twitter using an iPhone. This was revealed by Huawei through its internal memo.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (01/05/2018), screenshots of errors sending new year’s tweets quickly spread on social media, even though Huawei had deleted them.

Based on screenshots circulating, there is a description of “via Twitter for iPhone” at the bottom of the 2019 New Year greeting tweet from Huawei.

In the internal memo on January 3, 2019, Senior Vice President and Director of Huawei’s Board of Directors, Chen Lifang, said “the incident has damaged the Huawei brand image”. The iPhone is one of Huawei’s main smartphone rivals on the market.

Huawei in an internal memo revealed that the incident showed disobedience to procedures and management oversight.

As a consequence, the company demoted two responsible employees by reducing their positions to the same level, and their monthly salary was cut by 5,000 yuan. One of these employees is the director of digital marketing.

Causes of iPhone Use Incidents

This incident occurred when a third party holding Huawei’s Sapient social media account experienced VPN problems on the computer. Therefore, Sapient uses an iPhone with a foreign SIM card to send messages at midnight.

As is known, Twitter and a number of other foreign services, including Facebook and Google are blocked in China. To be able to access the service, internet users in China must use a VPN connection.

Huawei and Sapient have not yet made official comments to the public regarding the incident.

Source: yahoo news

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