The News of Surgery Girls Who Looks Like Angelina Jolie is FAKE

Tehran – Iranian girl news undergoing plastic surgery many times for the sake of like Angelina Jolie horrendous virtual universe. Sahar Tabar, her name, admitted undergoing cosmetic surgery procedure as much as 50 times.
Instead of like a star idol, Angelina Jolie, he is actually considered to resemble the character of Corpse Bride in a comic film made by Tim Burton. Likes zombies.

Sahar became a conversation in social media. many of whom call Sahar more similar to Emily’s character in Disney’s horror animated film Corpse Bride (2005).

Not only viral in social media, a number of media in the world also contains Sahar Tabar photos complete with articles that preach about the reckless action.
However, lately the women finally open the voice. Apparently, the appearance in the photo-which makes a scene is fake, as quoted from The Independent on Thursday (7/12/2017).

It is unclear what made the 19-year-old girl finally reveal the truth. Allegedly he was forced because of his sudden fame just made him get negative comments on social media. He even protected his Instagram into a private.

To the Russian news agency, Sputnik, Tabar confessed, he edited the pictures as a way to ‘entertain’ himself.
“Being like Angelina Jolie is not my goal,” he said, without explaining why a plastic surgery claim has emerged, even up to 50 times.

Her appearance, somewhat like the scary Angelina Jolie, turned out to be totally unrelated to plastic surgery or extreme diets, as some people assume, but the effect of makeup and Photoshop combinations.

Before Tabar acknowledged the trick, some social media users had been suspicious about the authenticity of the teen photo, after seeing the curved background and strange angles in some of the photos.

The curvy arches and corners are believed is software or application software traces to edit images.

Speaking of a changed photo, Tabar said, “My fans know that this is not my real face.”
Although not sure who he meant by fans, many nitizens who claimed to be relieved after knowing it was not the original appearance of Sahar Tabar.

Fooled indeed, but the netizens claimed happy after the photos ‘normal’ reappear in her instagram. Not a horror version of Angelina Jolie.

Source: Yahoo News

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