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Elvie, companies that previously launched Kegel connected coach, has developed the new technology for breast pump. Elvie companies created new innovation a breast pump without cables that can be used that aims to make life easier for nursing mothers. Like the Willow Pump, it fits in a standard nursing bra, allowing for hands-free pumping. But unlike Willow, Elvie models do not require a separate bag that can be used to collect the milk is pumped. Conversely, the milk is collected in a BPA-free bottles that can be reused, which is dishwasher and microwave safe. And more importantly, Elvie claims the device is silent.

Elvie, a startup based in London who is best known for trainers Kegel connected, jump in to the breast pump business with the new hands-free system for $ 480 dollars that you can slip into your bra.

At London Fashion Week on Friday, the model wearing a breast pump stepped down the stage, reportedly making it the first model to do so. Elvie told TechCrunch the aim was to make health technology for women and had worked on this pump for the past three years. The Elvie Pump is a cordless electric pump, hands-free, closed-system, which can be recharged designed by former Dyson engineers. Can withstand up to 5 oz. of each breast in disposable.

Competition most obvious and immediate is the Willow pump, another pump mother who is liable to wear can be mounted in a bra and walk around, without using hands. However, unlike the Willow, Elvie pump does not require special bags. You simply pump to pump smartphone devices and applications will let you know when each side is full.

Beside of that, Elvie claimed the pump was silent. No more loud sucking noise when trying to pump in a quiet room in the office or elsewhere. It is small, easy to carry and you can wear it under clothing without making a peep! While the Willow pump claims to be calm – and that, compared to other systems – you can still hear it when you pump it.

Source: Elvie

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