There are still many people who are deceived by this deception. For most consumers, what concerns them most when buying electronic products gets fake products, and the danger increases when purchases are made at corner stores.

In the smartphone market circulating fake devices (knockoff) disguised as the original device. Counterfeit is not simply a mimic of other brand designs, but it’s a straightforward copy of all aspects, from a physical look to a name to deceive buyers who seem to get the original device.

In its latest Knockoff Phones Report report, the popular benchmark software maker AnTuTu revealed that of the approximately 17.4 million mobile phones analyzed through AnTuTu Officer during 2017, as many as 2.64 percent turned out to be a fake device.

Of that percentage, Samsung is the most forged brand of smartphones. Amounting to 36.23 percent of fake mobile phones in the data AnTuTu plagiarized Samsung smartphone models.

As summarized from GSM Arena, in succession following Apple iPhone 7.72 percent, Xiaomi: 4.75 percent, Oppo: 4.46 percent, and Huawei: 3.4 percent. The most fake model phones throughout 2017, according to AnTuTu Officer, is the Galaxy S7 series, folding phones Samsung W2016 and W2017, iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 3T, Xiaomi Mi5, and Galaxy S8 Plus Chinese version.

AnTuTu Officer is a service that can be used by AnTuTu benchmark users to verify whether his smartphone truly genuine or not. The number of users of AnTuTu Officer itself quite a lot, as mentioned in the above figures.

The quality of fake mobile phones are usually much different than the original device. As many as 60 percent using quad-core processors are cheap. Most also use the display panel 720p HD or Full HD 1080p.

Source: GSM Arena, An Tutu’s Twitter

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