Best Anti Virus For Windows 2017

The Best Anti Virus  2017

Nowadays, protecting your PC / Laptop safe is utmost importance. PC/laptop is same as like your life. When your pc/laptop attacked by virus is look like your life will be end because your personal information and also your work in your laptop/pc can’t open and making you too much distress. They can slow down your pc/laptop, modyfiying your important files and change your system behave.  To help you to find the best option for anti Virus and malware  and you can download/install them free.

  1. IObit Malware Fighter 

IObit is the anti-malware software 2016. This software is actually an additional software as an antivirus complement. IObit Malware Fighter has proven effective to kill malware and malicious spyware. This software has also been using BitDefender anti-malware technology. So Do not hesitate to download this softaware to protectng your laptop/pc now.

Free Download : IOBIT Malware Fighter


  1. BitDefender Anti Virus 

This software is one of the best to protect Computer from Spyware, Malware or attack from internet connection  to your computer/pc.  This antivirus is not only free download but also free ads, so when you doing scanning virus, it will not bothering their performance with many ads pop up to your pc/laptop.

Free Download :  Bit Defender Anti Virus 


  1. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus has a simple display and effective scanning process that uses remote activation. This free Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware software is good enough to protect your PC while browsing or downloading. For the Pro version of AVG offers more security features such as security level processing for more powerful downloads plus data encryption.

Free Download : AVG Antivirus


  1. Avast Anti Virus

Avast is an antivirus that has long been with Windows since the PC is still made of wood. This antivirus is provided with Anti-Malware protection with good password management. If you want anti-phishing or spam filtering please upgrade to the paid version, but for the free version still offers a very comprehensive security package. Avast willl work by iniationg scans before an unknwon file opens. This antivirus also will protecting your laptop/pc while online by blocking malicious URLs and stopping auto-downloads.

Free Download: Avast Antivirus


  1. Sophos Home 

Sophos security program provided the free version of antivirus called sophos home. This anti virus can use for your MAC and PC. It’s good to use for a family when using a single browser with 10 computers. This antivirus will block unwanted website and this anti virus also has anti malware protection and scan.

Free Download: Sophos Home


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