Resep Simple Sapi Goreng (Beef Fry Simple Recipe)

Simple Indian Beef Fry Recipe


2 kg Beef (Cut into small pieces)
20 g Garlic (Mashed)
20g Red Chili Flour (Sliced)
20 g Cilindro fine
5 g Turmeric smooth
5 g Fine pepper
15 pieces Curry Leaves
20 g of small red onions
1 Grain Coconut
4 Eggs
150 g Edible Oil
Salt to taste


Beef, garlic 10 grams, red pepper, coriander, coconut, pepper and salt mix evenly with enough water. Boil until cooked. Remove from the fire. Place 4 eggs into it in hot heat. Stir evenly. Heat cooking oil, put the rest of garlic, red onion, bay leaves koja, gongseng until evenly and fragrant after that just enter the beef earlier. Stir evenly until the water dries. After completely dry beef lift and so deh beef thoran ala kerala 🙂

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