The figure is similar to a giant jellyfish. Buildings at a depth of 100 meters under the sea are actually the biosphere, or in other words, the first underwater greenhouse in the world.

A project oriented towards the future, to overcome the scarcity of resources. In this underwater installation, plants are usually grown on land.

The Project coordinator, Gianni Fontanesi regularly dives to maintain various plants.

“It looks funky and brilliant at the same time. It’s hard to describe it. I work every day here, monitor its growth, and I’m proud of the results. Technically this system can not only be applied at sea, but also in very many lakes in the world, which can the advantage of this system, “he said as reported by DW on Wednesday (01/30/2019).

The first greenhouse near the coast, was built by divers six years ago.

Adequate sunlight for photosynthesis and no need for insecticides. Water for watering plants, some from salt water.

At Nemo Gardens, experiments were carried out on various vegetable and fruit plants.

The project coordinator explained, “there is a tank filled with water and fertilizer in a greenhouse. Inside is a water pump. The system is very easy. The water pump raises water mixed with fertilizer to the very top of this pipe.”

“On top of the pipe we plant various plants, which grow without soil. The roots are direct contact with water, which flows downward following gravity,” Gianni added.

Noli with a population of 3,000 people is a tourist area. However, only divers and certain groups know that here is almost 100 meters from the coastal tourism area, there is a special underwater laboratory.

Gianni checked everything from the control center, three to five times a week. He monitors whether everything is good. The display also shows the temperature and humidity in the biosphere.

“Here we can see the monitoring page, which shows the situation of the entire habitat with a diverse map of the biosphere. The technology is driven by solar energy, the panel is up there. We are trying to be entirely green,” Gianni said.


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