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 The New Technology Breast Pump Elvie, companies that previously launched Kegel connected coach, has developed the new technology for breast pump. Elvie companies created new innovation a breast pump without cables that can be used that aims to make life… Continue Reading…



 Jakarta – There is something interesting about a row of Indonesian Athletes who will compete in this year’s Asian Games. In the bridge sport, there is Bambang Hartono or complete Michael Bambang Hartono, Indonesia’s richest person and one of the… Continue Reading…


25 Terluka Setelah Ledakan di Kota Wuppertal Jerman

 Dua puluh lima orang luka-luka, empat dari mereka parah, ketika sebuah ledakan menghancurkan sebuah gedung apartemen di kota Jerman barat Wuppertal, kata polisi pada hari Minggu, 24 Juni. Polisi mengatakan ledakan mengguncang gedung beberapa lantai tak lama sebelum tengah malam… Continue Reading…



 Beberapa penganan atau toko kue di Moskow menemukan bahwa Lionel Messi akan merayakan ulang tahunnya selama Piala Dunia, dan mereka memutuskan bahwa Messi membutuhkan hadiah yang layak untuknya. Sebuah tim yang terdiri dari lima roti dari Altufyevo Confectionery dari Moskow… Continue Reading…


iPhone 2019 Will Use Three Cameras

  iPhone 2019 Will Use Three Cameras? September is always awaited by Apple lovers, the article of the company origin Cupertino United States often release the latest iPhone devices each month. Interestingly, instead of highlighting the iPhone model that will… Continue Reading…


Sup Kentang (Potato Sup) tm

 Hello Bunda, lama tidak berbagi post resep – resep simple dari lezatoos. Sekarang saya akan berbagi resep Sup Kentang dengan pemakaian bahan seadanya. Bahan – Bahan: 250 gr Kentang 6 siung Bawang Merah (Potong kecil-kecil) 3 siung Bawang Putih (Potong… Continue Reading…


Cabbage Noodle Soup

 Ingredient: 2 Cloves Garlic (Sliced) 4 Cloves Onion (Sliced) 1 Fresh Tomato 5 Green Chili 1 tsp Chili Powder 2 tsp Black Pepper 5 Curry Leaves Cabbage 2 tsp lemon juice salt to taste Olive oil for fry Method: Heat… Continue Reading…

First Aid

FIRST AID IN RESPIRATORY DISORDERS, First Aid for Choking, First Aid for Asthma, First Aid for Drowning, First Aid for Inhaling The Gas

 Correct acts of first aid will reduce the defect or suffering and even save the victim from death, but if the first aid act is not good it can worsen due to accidents and even death. The provision of assistance should… Continue Reading…

InformationOnline Money

Facebook's policy is apparently enough to affect the exchange rate of Bitcoin. Shortly after Facebook implement this policy, Bitcoin exchange rate directly freefall.

 Bitcoin lately is trending among users of cyberspace. The digital currency is to be excellent in itself, for those seeking advantage in cyberspace. Although in some countries, the digital currency is still not legalized users, in fact the demand is… Continue Reading…

InformationTechnology was founded in 1999 as a company that focuses on SaaS (Software as a Service) or software as a service. Simply put, SaaS allow companies to host software and deliver it to customers via the web. The payment system… Continue Reading…

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