Nintendo Switch Pro Will Be Announced Before E3 2021

The Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console made by Nintendo, has entered its fourth year since its launch in March 2017. Since then, Nintendo has launched two series of Switch consoles on the market, namely the standard and lite versions.

However, in addition to the two versions circulating the Japanese company is preparing another model hybrid consoles, namely Nintendo Switch Pro – not its official name.

Quoted by Bloomberg from an anonymous source, Tuesday (1/6/2021), the Nintendo Switch Pro will be announced by the company in the coming weeks, right before the E3 event in mid-June 2021.

With the announcement time frame, Nintendo and its partners have the opportunity to showcase their games at the E3 2021 event.

Due to the fact that a number of chipset components are currently experiencing limited stock, it is likely that the new Nintendo Switch Pro will hit the market around July.

Nintendo Switch Pro naming

Furthermore, the naming “Pro” is still the prediction of a number of analysts. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s real name is still being kept secret.

However, leaked information about the specifications of Nintendo Switch Pro has been circulating on the Internet.

It says the new model will sport a 7-inch Samsung OLED display — an upgrade from the 6.2″ and 5.5-inch LCDs on the Switch Lite.

Use Nvidia Chipset Technology

Not only that, the portable console will come with a more powerful chip made by Nvidia and supports DLSS.

With this capability, Nintendo Switch Pro will display 4K quality images when installed in its docking.

As for DLSS support, it will appear in most of the new game titles that will be launched after the Nintendo Switch Pro is officially on the market.


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