British football legend Frank Lampard is excited by the pace of country clubs in the Champions League this season. Lampard said the current British clubs have again shown strength in accordance with identity as the most competitive league contestant in the world.

The figure who had brought Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012 said, with remarkable British could send five representatives to the competition terelite in the blue continent. Remarkably five of the club ie Manchester United (MU), Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City look slick and has a great chance to qualify all to fall phase.

Currently, Spurs and City have ensured tickets to the round of 16 large. Chelsea, Manchester United are one step away from Spurs and City.

“It’s like a spin of a wheel. In three years yesterday the English teams were very difficult, now they show their strength and this is very enthusiastic,” Lampard told Omnisport on Tuesday (21/11).

The figure who had retired early in 2017 said the great performance of the English club reflected perfectly when Tottenham can beat Real Madrid in the fourth elimination. Tottenham, who have never won the Premier League, were able to play dominant over the Champions League defending champions in the two successive seasons.

At that time, Tottenham won 3-1 after winning 3-0. The victory is more complete because at the previous meeting in the same event the Spurs can withstand the Madrid draw at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Lampard also considers now those who love the Premier League worthy to celebrate the fifth success of the team. “I hope it’s not just Chelsea and Spurs, but everything.” In the semifinals and finals, it will be very positive for us, “Lampard said.

English Premier League is on the verge of a record if the five clubs are able to qualify for the round of 16 large. It will be the first time, the same five clubs from the Champions League qualifiers.

Source: Yahoo

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