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Program Coordinator

Duty Station

USIP 1 Center, LPEM FEB UI Building, 7th Floor, Jl. Salemba 4 Jakarta 10430


October 2017 – June 2018 (may be extended to 2019)


US-Indonesia Partnership for South-South and Triangular Cooperation Component 1 (USIP 1)


National Coordination Team (NCT) for Indonesia-SSTC (including its constituent ministries, working groups, and staffs), USAID, Universitas Indonesia, and other related stakeholders in the implementation of pilot projects.


Over the previous years the efforts of the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to establish the framework for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) have reached several milestones.  These include the creation of a National Coordination Team (NCT) consisting of several line ministries and a Grand Design of SSTC for the period of 2011-2025.  In light of this, the US-Indonesia partnership for South-South and Triangular Cooperation Component 1 (USIP 1) provides the impetus to strengthen the capacity of GoI in order to realize the targets identified under Grand Design and national development plan, as well as overcome the challenges in the implementation and delivery of SSTC.

USIP 1, which will be operational until 2020, aims to strengthen GoI’s capacity to provide development cooperation that is strategic, effective, and delivers results in third countries.  The component will produce three outputs as follows:

  • SSTC framework and intra-government coordination by GoI strengthened by increasing the capacity of National Coordination Team and implementing technical line ministries and improving the inclusiveness of SSTC stakeholders in Indonesia;
  • Support for triangular cooperation increased to expand and scope and sustainability of triangular cooperation pilot activities and percentage of co-investment; and
  • Learning and knowledge management in SSTC advanced through increased collaboration between USAID, GoI, and partners (traditional and emerging development partners, civil society, think tanks, academia, private sector etc) to conduct Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA) activities to advance the knowledge around SSTC and continue to adapt programming based on learning results.


The Program Coordinator will be working close with USIP 1 team under direction and supervision of USIP 1’s Senior Development Advisor and Development Advisor. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for providing planning, implementing, and reporting on programs under Indonesia-SSTC framework. In particular he/she will

  • Handle program implementation of USIP 1 tasks related to certain NCT working group’s program and its activities, including planning, budgeting, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and reporting.
  • As part of USIP 1 Team, coordinate closely with USAID and NCT, among others, in developing and managing USIP 1’s annual work plan.
  • Monitor progress of technical project activities to measure performance and results.
  • Draft terms of references for upcoming procurement of grants and subcontracts.
  • Conduct meetings with Government of Indonesia officials, other stakeholders and grantees/contractors concerning project activities, and represent the USIP 1 if/when requested
  • Ensure timely implementation of activities, in accordance with project schedules
  • Periodically, write reports on the project’s activities and achievements for USAID’s review
  • Maintain budget and track expenditures/transactions
  • Help build positive relations with USIP 1’s counterpart which includes National Coordination Team (NCT) for Indonesia-SSTC (including its constituent ministries, working groups, and staffs), USAID, Universitas Indonesia, and other related stakeholders in the implementation of pilot projects
  • Manage communications through media relations, social media, etc.
  • Support growth and program development
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Senior Development Advisor, Development Advisor or USAID.

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate for the Program Coordinator will have the following qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree in International Relations, Political Science, Law, Social Science, Management, Development Studies, Public Policy or relevant discipline;
  2. At least eight (8) years of experience in international development cooperation in developing countries working with governmental and international organizations;
  3. At least six (6) years of working experiences with development organization
  4. At least six (6) years of experiences in project/program management;
  5. Have the capacity to work both independently as well as in a team setting.
  6. Proficient in data collection/analysis, report/publication writing and results presentation;
  7. Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and negotiation skills,  and ability to liaise and communicate effectively in the Government context;
  8. Strong English writing and speaking skills; and
  9. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and knowledge of Indonesian custom;

In addition, the following qualifications are preferred, but not required:

  1. Master’s degree in social science or other related fields;
  2. Knowledge of key stakeholders in relevant GOI ministries and among the donor community is highly desirable; and
  3. Knowledge of SSTC issues in the Indonesian context.


The Program Coordinator will report to the Senior Development advisor and Development Advisor and work under the supervision of USAID Indonesia.

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to by September 24th, 2017 with the subject “Program Coordinator USIP 1 SSTC”.

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