Abt Associates manages KOMPAK, an Australia-Indonesia government partnership supporting the Government of Indonesia’s efforts in reducing poverty through improvements in basic service delivery and creating opportunities for work. KOMPAK focuses its efforts on three result areas:

1.       Improving access, quality and delivery of basic services in health, education and legal identity;

2.       Strengthening village governance, community participation in governance as well as community-led development and;

3.       Creation of opportunities for off-farm employment and economic development.

KOMPAK invites qualified individual for the positions below:

1. Ruang Desa Activity Coordinator: http://abtjta.turborecruit.com.au/job/jobDetailsPreview.cfm?id=991374

2. Performance, Research, and Evaluation (PRE) Coordinator: http://abtjta.turborecruit.com.au/job/jobDetailsPreview.cfm?id=991384

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


We encourage applicants from experienced and capable women, and people with disabilities

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