Jika melanggar 10 hal ini akan berakibat dibunuh atau dipenjara bertahun-tahun

Do not do this 10 If You Are Visiting North Korea

A 22-year-old American student, Otto Wambie, died a few days after he was taken home from North Korea or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in a vegetative state. The North Korean government sentenced him to work for 15 years in March last year and his crime allegedly attempted to steal a propaganda poster from his hotel in Pyongyang when he traveled on a trip he had arranged. He suffered a coma during his arrest, making us think about the savage treatment he might receive.

North Korea is reported to have several labor camps scattered across the country to punish those who show little difference of opinion about the regime or even on suspicion. Inmates at this camp are reportedly tortured, beaten, raped or even executed in public. The regime is so repressive that anyone from high officials to ordinary people, who speak or act against government or supreme leaders, are arrested, forced to suffer in prison camps for years and even executed by hanging or being shot.

The dangers that exist when visiting North Korea are clear. Dozens of tourists have been detained in the past for violating tour rules that include as simple as talking to locals or deviating from a tour guide. Some foreigners are said to be currently serving in hard labor camps for small actions that the regime considers crime. Surprisingly, people continue to visit this shrouded mystery country that pays $ 869 to $ 2,060 to visit travel agents for travel other than danger ending up in labor camps if not carefully taken care of in following the rules.

This is why it becomes important to explain what tourists should not do when they visit the country even because unintentional or tongue-glazing may send them to jail or even be killed. So here are some things you should not do while visiting this country:

1) Never show disrespect to the country’s supreme leader: Showing disrespect to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un and former leader Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung is a crime. Tourists can be asked to bow their heads and put flowers in front of Kim Il Sung statue. Even materials that are named or drawn should not be damaged or mistaken.

2) Never carry posters: This country has thousands of propaganda banners across the country, and it is a crime to take or damage them. So, travelers should not try to pick up any banners or pictures on display in this regard. Parents can be sentenced to years of imprisonment in the labor camp.

3) Do not take pictures or catch a movie without permission: North Korea has been made to believe that their supreme leader is kind and their country is the best and most advanced country in the world. Meanwhile, the regime only wants to show a good picture of the country. So you should take pictures only when your guide gives you permission. Cameras and pictures can be confiscated if they catch you taking photos quietly, and can even withdraw heavy penalties if repeated.

4) No interaction with the locals: Just leave local people alone unless you get permission from your guide because it can cause you and the people you talk to in trouble.

5) Never deviate from your guide: North Korean choreographed tour. You have to be with your tour guide all the time and moving away even for a short distance can make you trouble.
6) Do not shop in unclassified shopping centers: Tourists can not get out of their hotel without the knowledge of their guide. Shopping should be made only in stores specially prepared for foreigners.

7) No religious or political propaganda: Implementing religious worship or spreading political ideology is considered a crime. You should not leave even religious material.

8) Do not carry improper items: You should not carry any items, whether physical or electronic, that are important to the regime or its leader, including the former supreme leader. Such ownership of such content may be punishable by long-term detention in forced labor camps and heavy fines.

9) No unauthorized currency transactions: North Korean authorities may fine or otherwise withhold you if you exchange currency with unauthorized vendors.

10) Never travel without help: You may be charged with espionage if you travel without official assistance.

Please note that your passport will be picked up by your guide upon arrival in North Korea. The country border official even seized the phone on arrival and returned it only on departure. Even if you are allowed to store your phone, only state mobile service means the authorities can monitor your calls. Electronic items are also subject to search to make sure their content contains inappropriate content, files and movies.

Credit : in.news.yahoo.com


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