iPhone 2019 Will Use Three Cameras

iPhone 2019 Will Use Three Cameras?

September is always awaited by Apple lovers, the article of the company origin Cupertino United States often release the latest iPhone devices each month.

Interestingly, instead of highlighting the iPhone model that will be launched next September, analysts predict precisely the iPhone will be released in 2019.

As quoted by Softpedia, Tuesday (05/08/2018), Yuanta Securities analyst Jeff Pu said one iPhone model that may be released in 2019 is a device with three cameras in the body behind it.

Chances are, the iPhone is present as a new variant X iPhone, the iPhone X Plus.

Jeff Pu said, Apple may release iPhone X with three main camera on the second half of 2019. Unfortunately, he did not give a detailed image of the iPhone release time.

According to Jeff Pu, the estimated attendance iPhone with three cameras based on own their Android smartphone vendors are releasing a smartphone with three cameras.

Features three camera on the iPhone is believed there would only be in the high end products iPhone, in this case the possibility of an iPhone that carries the name Plus, let’s call it the iPhone 9 Plus or iPhone X Plus.

Currently the vendor has presented Android smartphone with three cameras is Huawei P20 Pro, gliding recently.

Apple must always compete with Android smartphone vendor, in this case related to new innovations in its products. Especially if the tech giant does not want to lag far behind.

Apple itself is believed to be introduce at least three new iPhone models, the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and iPhone SE 2 is priced at an affordable price.

One would have expected by many parties is the iPhone sold less with an updated design, without notch. Just FYI, the notch is now being followed by the Android smartphone vendor.

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