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Mobile phones are one of the important objects of this century. Not only for communication, mobile phones have also changed as a tool that can facilitate the activity.

These activities, for example, finds its way in Maps, book transportation online, transactions, and more.

Losing a cellphone is a nightmare for some people. Many people panic when they lose their cellphones. Especially if there is data and important needs in it.

If this bad incident comes to you, you probably won’t just let go of your lost cellphone.

Actually there are several ways to track lost cellphones. With sophisticated technology now you can find out where your cellphone is. Even remotely you can track it, lock the screen, and delete existing data.

But the condition is that your lost cellphone remains on and connected to the Internet. This case is certainly easy if you track a cellphone that is still connected to the internet, but it will be difficult if you track a cellphone that may be offline or has been turned off.

Here are some ways to track lost HP that are successful from various sources, Tuesday (1/30/19) for those of you who want to find your cellphone again.

1. How to Track Smart Phone and Android Tablet

Android Device Manager allows you to track, lock and delete data on an Android smartphone or tablet remotely. How to track lost HP on the first android is that you have to activate this feature by opening Google Settings, Android Device Manager, and activating it.

Once activated, you can visit the Google Play site, click the gear icon, and select Android Device Manager. You will see the location of the missing device on the map.

But unlike Apple Find My, the Android Device Manager can be deleted after the device is reset so the thief can reset the device and you won’t be able to track it.

Android Device Manager also cannot monitor the complete history of movements of lost devices. For that you can use Android applications from third parties, such as Anti-Theft from Avast. Such is as quoted from the page How-To Geek, on Tuesday (01/29/2019).

2. How to Track an iPhone

Apple’s “Find My” service has been integrated into iPhone, iPad and even Mac computers. By activating it in iCloud, you can track devices from the iCloud site. You can also inform you about the loss of the device, lock it, and delete data stored remotely.

If you indicate your iPhone or iPad is a ‘lost mode’, iCloud will start tracking locations from time to time so you can see the history in full.

You can also reset it so that you can track and manage your iPhone or iPad if the device is stolen. Apple will not activate iPhone and iPad if both are marked as missing.

You can even lock your Mac remotely so that the Mac will close soon so the thief must enter the firmware password for the boot process.

The operating system boot process will not run without a valid password. You can also delete sensitive data on Mac remotely.

3. How to Track Windows Phones

How to track lost HP on a Windows Phone device, almost similar to Apple’s Find My Phone. To activate this service you can go to Settings and Find My Phone.

To track, lock, and delete data on a lost device, you can simply visit the Windows Phone website and click Find My Phone in the upper right corner of the screen.

Like the Android Device Manager, the Find My Phone feature can be deactivated if the thief resets your cellphone.

4. Use Google Maps

Later it was discovered that Google could track the whereabouts of smartphone users who disappeared through the Google Maps application.

Most cellphones must have Google Maps in them. For those of you who want to try tracking down lost cells, make sure your cellphone has installed Google maps first.

Uniquely, this feature can provide services to track locations according to time.

Before entering a way to track a lost smartphone via Google Maps, make sure the internet condition is connected to a smartphone or desktop. Also, make sure you have entered and entered your password into Google Maps.

Citing information on the Gadget Now page, Tuesday (01/29/2019), here are some attempts to track lost HP that can be done to track lost smartphones through Google Maps.
  1. You can visit via the desktop, or you can also open the Google Maps application directly.
  2. Then, sign in with the Google account available on your smartphone.
  3. Then, click the horizontal shaped bar icon located in the upper right corner.
  4. Next select the option “your timeline”.
  5. n your timeline directory, you can enter days, months, and years according to the location you want to see .
  6. How to Track Your Mobile Location Easily through Google Maps, Maps will automatically display the location history of your smartphone, along with the current location

For additional information, this feature can function properly if your device is active with active location services.

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