Hair Care

We often hear that hair is a female crown. I disagree with this quote. My opinion, hair is also a crown for men. If the hair condition is less healthy then anyone will look less attractive appearance.

There are several factors that cause hair loss. It could be the environment, age, stress, smoking, lack of nutrition, unbalanced hormones, genetic, errors wearing hair care products and so on. Please note that there are about 100,000 strands of hair in our head and for the normal size of hair loss / loss of about 50-100 strands per day. Of course we are very worried when our hair fall out more than that size. And we should immediately take precautions to reduce hair loss so as not to be baldness. Here I will various secrets of traditional hair care herbs that Indians often do to take care of their hair so it looks beautiful, well groomed and healthy. Check out!

Facial and Skin Care (Face and Skin)

Healthy, radiant and hydrated skin condition, says a lot about your natural beauty. Many people feel that real beauty does not require makeup to look good. If your skin is healthy, you can go anywhere without the need for thick makeup.

However, constantly changing weather conditions, high pollution and stressful life due to work or other problems, require us to be more intense in skin and facial treatments. No two women have the same skin type, each skin type requires different treatments or treatments. The more we care about taking care of your skin, the healthier and lighter the skin and face we get.

I will share tips on how to take care of your face and body skin naturally without the need for special treatment that spend your pocket or go to beauty salon because the materials needed for this treatment can be found in your kitchen and we have known it everyday that unwittingly that this material is very useful for facial and body skin care.

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