What is First Aid?

First Aid is the first aid / emergency that we give to someone who is suffering from sudden illness or accidental injury to survive or prevent deterioration until full medical treatment is available.

What Are the Advantages of Knowing P3K?

Sustaining life.
Prevent worsening conditions.
Helps recovery quickly.
Assisting medical methods is medically appropriate.
Assist individually with knowledge about First Aid

I’m sure many of us do not know how to do first aid in an accident (P3K) when it happens to family, relatives, friends or relatives. Often we are faced with situations where our immediate family, friends or people have an accident or body condition suddenly becomes bad as can not breathe, bloody wounds due to a fall or a mild stroke, we are at a loss to do anything to help him. We only understand contacting a doctor, bringing a hospital or calling an ambulance, while the distance waiting for the documentation, bringing the hospital or waiting for an ambulance to come can result in worsening the condition of the patient that eventually leads to death. For that I will share tips and information along with pictures how to provide first aid in an accident that I believe is very useful for all of us in preventing the condition of the patient deteriorate or recover quickly before complete medical treatment is available.

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