There is one question in mind that is related to astronauts. Can they make earth phone calls? The question was answered by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. He had called the American emergency service, 911.

The telephone calls made by André began with accident and trial and error. He was curious to call directly to earth. The effort was successful. But unfortunately, the command center on earth even thought there was a problem at the international space station where André served.

At first André pressed the 9 button on his phone. Then he wants to press the 011 button which is an international code. But instead he forgot to press the 0 key until he was called.

“The next day I got an e-mail, ‘Did you call 911?’ , on Saturday (1/5).

As it turns out, André revealing a telephone directly to the earth is actually not a strange thing in space. The space station where he works provides equipment to do it. Almost 70 percent of the telephone calls to earth, he said, were a success.

“Even though there is a lag between the calls,” he said.

Source: yahoo news

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