Dendeng Balado Recipe


Dendeng Balado Recipe (Indonesian Foods)


• 1 kg Beef Meat (Chopped Appropriated)
• 500 grams of Chili Red (Crushed)
• 250 grams of Onion (Crushed)
• 2 tbsp of Tamarind
• 3 tbsp Sweet Soya Sauce
• 1 segment Ginger
• Oil for frying
• Sugar & Salt to taste
• Lime Leaf

– Boil beef meat that has been cleaned with ginger, sweet soy sauce and tamarind. Boil until the meat is tender.
– After gently, lift and drain the water. Keep the stock, do not thrown away.
– Heat oil in frying pan, fry beef meat that has been boiled earlier. Fry until dry.
– Lift and drain the oil.
– Put red chili  into the oil used frying meat. Sauté until chili half cooked, then put onion, stir-fry until the onion and chili mixed well and fragrant.
– add the meat that has been fried into it, mix well untill spice mixed into meat.
– Add lime leaves, sugar and salt and a little of beef stock. Let the water dry, then lift it and put it on the plate.
– Simple Recipe of Dendeng Sapi is ready to serve


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