Unbabel – Work anytime, anywhere. Join 40,000 translators around the world. Sign up as a translator for Unbabel and you could earn $8 to $18 per hour powering the world’s most trustworthy large-scale translations.  Unbabelers love language, have excellent writing skills and attention to detail. They serve translators tasks where you see both the original text and suggested translations in their artificial intelligence technology has produced. Starting at $8 per hour, you can work your way up to $18 per hour, depending on your skills and the pace at which you translate paid tasks. No need to wait for the end of the month; they pay  translators on a weekly basis via PayPal and Skrill.

  • Your native tongue just became a profitable skill. 

  • Complete our training and evaluation to access paid tasks.

  • Work on the go with our mobile app.

  • Reduce your downtime and improve your post-editing skills.

  • No need to interact with customers or admin – just translate.

  • Translate modern content from $8 to $18 per hour.

Supporting 28 languages Including English, European and Latam Spanish, French, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian and Simplified Chinese.  Join the community – Once you sign up you’ll be given at least 20 tasks in a language pair so that their Language Experts can score your skills and performance, which will determine your hourly rate and which customer tasks you have access to.  All their editors are evaluated periodically. They have experts in every language pair to guide you and help you improve your translations skills. This is a great way to gain experience.  No need to wait til the end of the month; you can request weekly withdrawals from your Unbabel account to be paid directly to PayPal and Skrill.

Gengo –  work + learn!!

Working with Gengo is a great option for talented bilinguals.  Get started by creating a free account. Gengo tests are created and reviewed by Senior Translators. Read the guidelines and test today. Successful applicants can begin working right away. They look forward to having you on the team!. Their global client base is active around the clock so you can enjoy a truly flexible work schedule. Work in an obligation-free environment where you have the freedom to select jobs that interest you. Gengo is committed to paying translators on time, twice a month. They pay via PayPal or Payoneer. They answer support questions promptly, and always look at both sides if there’s ever a dispute.

Discover and learn with Gengo’s unique resources for beginner translators. You will get many resources and support from gengo team to become a professional translator. Sign Up Now

Translate.com – SOME TRANSLATIONS NEED A HUMAN TOUCH ! Translate.com has a thriving community of paid translators that provide highly accurate human translations. Are you multilingual? Sign up and get started today!

HOW IT WORKS – Sign Up  –  Take Test  –  Translate Text  –  Get Paid!

After sign Up and passed the test Log in to their translation portal wherever and whenever to start translating. Work as much as you like. Translate all day or in your down time. Translate blog articles, social media posts, support tickets, and more! Every task is first come, first serve. No more bidding or waiting for translations. Translate.com offers competitive compensation, paid by the word.  Cash out your earnings anytime, directly to your Paypal account.

Are you multilingual? Sign up for a translate.com account and become a paid translator today!

Lingosaur – Translation jobs for skilled translators ! Can you translate between two languages? Join their translator community now, it is completely free.

They are an online translation agency and receive translation assignments from many customers. We relay the assignments and payments (minus our commission) to freelancers like you. Not everybody is qualified to work with them. Only after you pass the initial test, do they start emailing you these job offers. You can accept or reject them, with no obligations. After you accept a job, you download the documents, translate them, and upload the translations back to us. When the customer accepts the translation, they will pay you.

You add language pairs to your profile, and for each pair you need to perform a brief sample translation. The sample translation is rated by your fellow translators, and if you get a high enough grade, you will be allowed to do customer translations. The grade will also affect the rate they pay you.

The rate varies by language pair, based on the demand for translations, and the number of available translators. They offer competitive rates.In most cases they will use PayPal. You can make direct deposits from PayPal to your bank account, or use the balance to make payments for services and purchases online. To register as a translator with them, you need a PayPal account. Creating a PayPal account is completely free. Please note that PayPal is not available in every country. Find out about the availability in your country before you register with Lingosaur. They are currently looking into new payment options. They do not use PayPal if you are a private person living in Finland (that is, you do not represent a company). In this case, they use the partner Staffpoint to pay you, with Staffpoint acting as your employer. You will receive the payments directly to your bank account.

TRAVOD – Work can be challenging, so do something you love and feel passionate about. They love the work they do and  have the right opportunities for talented linguists.  And no geographical boundaries! Their professionals are the most talented people around the world. Join the on-demand translation network and be part of the team that reshapes the language industry! Register as Linguist – At TRAVOD and excel at what they do and  exceed their clients’ expectations. Join their global team of professionals! The most friendly and caring Project Managers are here to make it your new favorite workplace.

  • Good payment terms up to 30, 45 or 60 days, depending on the project.
  • Support, open communication and constant feedback for your professional development.
  • Competitive rates for volume projects and long-term cooperation.
  • A diverse range of projects and constant workflow.
  • Letters of recommendation and endorsements to vouch for your professionalism and the quality of your work.
  • Promotion of your written material (like blogs, books and other content) on our social network spaces and their website.

Register NOW

OneHourTranslation – Translator.Join ! If you are a professional translator, they invite you to join the team.

How to apply –     Fill in the profile page that includes your language skills, expertise, availability and more – Take the online exam – Get reviewed by their staff – Receive certification – Start working & get rated – Get bigger projects.Focus only on what you are good at.  No overheads and no bureaucracy. As a translator you will enjoy these benefits…..

  • Work whenever you wish
  • Get access to their online translation tools
  • Get paid anytime you want
  • Benefit from the One Hour Translation MasterCard and get paid directly to the card anywhere in the world, Get your funds immediately, no bank account required, pay anywhere.

Promote to higher seniority levels and earn the One Hour Translation badges –  The translation level is calculated according to multiple parameters. To get the first rank (bronze translator) the translator needs to translate at least 10000 words. For badges higher than Bronze the number of words considered is the amount of words translated in the last 16 weeks.  The ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) depends on many parameters: overall rating, number of projects translated, number of words translated, recent project date, number of reopened/ reallocated /disputed projects and other parameters.

TranslatorSpot – Translation directory with translators and translation agencies around the world. Join the translator directory and get publicized your profile to as many people and get projects.

  • Create your own profile
  • Benefit from our advertising
  • Powerful exposure and publicity
  • Thousands of visitors daily
  • All services 100% free of charge


TheBigWord – Join them on thebigword journey !  The world’s fastest growing language company! thebigword is a global language solutions company attracting the world’s best interpreters and translators. They have offices in Europe, the US and Asia and employ more than 500 people. Their network of 8,000 linguists around the world provide expert translation and interpreting support to more than 2,500 customers. Their linguists help companies, emergency services, governments, hospitals and some of the world’s biggest brands, including Mazda, Unilever and DHL. They are always on the look-out for top translators, reviewers and interpreters.

  • Flexible working – choose the hours you work to suit your lifestyle Variety – thebigword can offer you a vast mix of translation project assignments
  • Convenience – thebigword TMS (Translation Management System) will aid and support you to complete your assignments
  • Training – expert guidance and support to enhance your skills and prepare you for the next project

They welcome interpreters and translators . You can gain many more interpreting jobs with thebigword. They provide over 300,000 UK interpreting jobs per year and over 1,000,000 minutes of telephony interpreting per month. With excellent hourly rates and professional development support to increase the amount of work you can access.  APPLY NOW.

YesPo – The worlds Leading Human Translation Service!   Work anytime Earn anytime!  Apply Now– Embark your translation journey….. You can use Yespo mobile application also.

Pangeanic – Next time you think Languages… Think Pangeanic.  A Global Translation Company.








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