IWriter – iWriter is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website. You’ll be able to post a project and 1000s of freelance writers from across the globe will have instant access to write your content quickly, professionally, and affordably.

Are You A Writer That Wants To Earn Money Writing For iWriter? All you neeed is computer and internet access. Choose The Topics That Best Match Your Background. Work from the comfort of your own home. Build a longterm client base that you can write for over and over again. They bring the clients to you. Ability to work at your own speed. Low stress, because you determine your work day. Guaranteed payouts every single week OR at the pay schedule you select. Earn as much money as you want. There is no limit. Earn Up To $80 Per 500 Words Once Promoted Up The Ranks.  Elite Plus writers can earn as much as $40+ for a simple 500 word article!

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TextBroker – Earn money to write content!   Is writing your passion? Then Textbroker is the right place for you. Since 2005, Textbroker is the leading provider of unique, custom content. Thousands of registered authors and customers from around the globe execute more than 100,000 content orders through Textbroker every month. Their clients, including publicly traded corporations, small business owners, e-commerce websites, social media communities, and publishing houses, require a broad variety of content. If you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, Textbroker gives you access to thousands of writing opportunities for each topic. Choose when and how much content you write – there is no limit to how much you can earn.

  • Free of charge, flexible time management, and reliable payment
  • Whether you are a beginner or anexperienced professional, Textbroker has the right project for every author. Receive your first order in just a few simple steps.
  • Textbroker offers several payment options. The better your content, the more you can earn.
  • They are vested in your success and will give feedback to help you refine your skills and access to their blog that includes grammar tips, tutorials, and videos.

With Textbroker,your writing talent pays off!  Textbroker gives you access to thousands of projects to turn your writing skills into cash. Free Registration!

WritersAccess – Take your career into the cloud, and join their liberated workforce that’s leading the content marketing revolution. They want you – to earn fair pay.  They attract the best writers because they pay the best rates, with fully transparent margins — 70% to you, 30% to them. They go all out to help you advance your career with on-demand podcasts, webinars and certification programs. Work when you want, where you want, picking up gigs that suit your fancy. Get free service and support as you rise up through the rankings.

Apply to join our pool of talent as a writer, editor, translator or content strategist. Each application is hand-reviewed. Once you get the green light, you’ll take an online test to confirm your savvy skills. Killer samples and solid references help determine initial star rating. When your profile is ready to go, you’ll go live in their search results and have access to the job board. Raise your initial star level by consistently exceeding client expectations. Shoot for all six stars, earned with exceptional performance. Elevate your writing career to the next level with online webinars, podcasts, books and workshops – all FREE!

They want you to earn what your work deserves.  They pay the best rates to attract the best writers. And  pay twice a month, like clockwork. Customers pay more when the projects are more complex, requiring greater skills and expertise. Full transparency is their aim with pay rates, ensuring customers and writers are on the same page. No hidden fees.  JOIN NOW

WritersDomain – Get Paid to Write! At WritersDomain, you get paid to do what you love.  They match top writing talent from around the world with thousands of assignments every month from their small business clients. The good work of writers do helps the clients succeed online. Founded in May, 2011, WritersDomain is a branch of the online marketing company Boostability. They now have over 450 active writers around the world who complete work for our clients in the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and even Australia. Their platform operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so if there’s work available, you can write as much as you want.

Their in-house team is made up of editors, writers, and support staff who hustle every day to deliver world-class quality for their clients and freelance writers. The support staff is available from 8am to 5pm MDT Monday through Friday to field questions, clarify instructions, and provide resources to talented pool of writers. They currently have four main project types for writers to fulfill.

  • Articles- Articles are industry-related, authoritative blog posts that range from 400 to 600 words. Writers are assigned a keyword, industry, and target country, and are then responsible for coming up with a related topic.
  • Onsite Blogs- Onsite Blogs are industry-related, informative posts that their clients publish directly on their corporate blogs.
  • Content Reviews- Content Reviews are quality checks of 400 to 600 word Articles performed by trained editors.
  • Site Themes- Site Themes serve as the About Us pages for the third-party websites where some of their Articles are published. They range from 100 to 150 words.

All applicants must be from the US, Canada, Spain,Holland,UK, Australia, New Zealand, or France. You must have a native-level fluency in the language you would like to write in. Writers must have an Internet connection To get started, you’ll need to register, submit a writing sample, and take a grammar test. Once your sample is submitted, they will go over your entire application and make the final decision. You should hear back from them in 2–3 business days. Their project rates range from $0.02 to $0.05 per word. And pay via PayPal on the 5th of the month OR whenever you earn at least $100—whichever comes first. JOIN NOW

WordGigs –  Right now hundreds of people are finding satisfaction and increased financial security as one of their paid freelance writers and they are extending an invitation at this time to all qualified individuals. Their customer base is HUGE, and growing all the time and that means a continual need for NEW WRITERS. Any person who lives in the U.S. who feels they would be qualified is invited to apply for a FREE writer’s account. There is NO cost to you at any time .That means nothing to buy, no training course or special software to purchase. Their business is not a freelance forum; you will never have to compete against other freelancers or submit bids in an effort to secure assignments. Their customers have your assignments WAITING FOR YOU. If you are a resident of the U.S., have a good high-speed Internet connection. Join Here

  • You must be a U.S. citizen currently living in the U.S. and your primary language should be American English
  • You must be able to complete work projects within 24-48 hours after acceptance
  • A reliable desktop Internet connection is required (No mobile devices can be used for writing)
  • You must maintain acceptable levels of quality
  • A valid, verifiable PayPal account is necessary in order to receive your payments
  • You must have past writing examples that you can share with us

How much they pay for Projects

  • Press Releases (400-700 words): $15
  • Elite Content: $65 (2K words) – $95 (3K words)
  • eBooks: $85 (4K words) – $425 (20K words) (due dates are extended on eBook completion)
  • Standard Article Payouts Range: $4.50 (350-400 wds.) to $18 (900-1,000 wds.) depending on total length

GreatContent – Greatcontent.co.uk is an enterprise which brings together writers, companies and individuals who are looking for content (texts). Through its website, www.greatcontent.co.uk offers a sophisticated platform containing text and content orders which can be completed in a unique way by the writers. Registering and using the platform is free for writers and you have the option to cancel your membership at any time.

  • Open Orders- Any Open Order can be available to all the writers, given that they fulfil the quality expectations.
  • Direct Orders- Writers who gain a reputation within the platform greatcontent.co.uk will sooner or later receive Direct Orders from the client.
  • Group Orders- Certain writers, after having proven what they are capable of, can be placed into a group by the client. This specific Group Order will not be visible to all writers, only those who are in the group.

Register as a writer – Follow these 4 simple steps and apply today!

  1. Enter your details below to register.
  2. Check your e-mail and click on the greatcontent confirmation link.
  3. Write a short sample text to prove your writing skills (200-300 words).
  4. Receive your evaluation and start writing!

You can request a payment of your earnings at any time as long as the limit of $25 has been reached. Payments are made every two weeks via PayPal or Skrill. Depending on the volume of payment requests, it might take up to five days until your payment provider receives the payment.

TextMaster – Put your talent to work!  TextMaster is the leading online professional translation service trusted by more than 10,000 clients in 110 countries. They help companies streamline their multilingual content creation process, whether it’s translating documents or website, writing articles or proofreading content. Join the community and find out why thousands of professionals love working with TextMaster. From great rates to their suite of productivity tools, you’ll have all the resources you need to bring your professional career to a new level.

You’ll be joining a network of qualified professionals who are passionate about languages and the written word. They analyse your skill set in order to propose projects that match your profile. Their online platform allows you to work from wherever and whenever you want. You can pick and choose from projects that are proposed based on your interests and skills. Their project managers ensure that all projects run smoothly.  With TextMaster, you’re paid within 7 days. No more chasing down clients with invoices, they will take care of it automatically. SignUp

Copify – Hassle-free writing jobs!  Once your application has been approved, you can take on assignments instantly. No need to submit bids or proposals. You can accept tasks when you like, no contracts or commitment. Their writers enjoy the flexibility of taking jobs as and when it suits them.  No formal qualifications required to join. They will provide clear briefs and full support.

Say goodbye to sending invoices and worrying about non-payment! Billing taken care of, they will pay you quickly on completion of jobs. Payments issued every day, directly to your PayPal account. Earn up to £25 per 500 words.  JOIN NOW

ConstantContent – Seeking Expert Freelance Writers Join The Team of Experts!  Freelance writing is ideal for stay-at-home parents, professionals with spare time, and simply great writers – from wherever you are and on your own schedule. You choose how to earn: apply to respond to custom content requests, join a team of expert writers for more consistent, long-term work, or build a storefront of pre-written content at your own rates. They work hard to retain our high-quality writers. They currently only work in English but if you speak another language, stay in the loop with the blog. Your content is open to companies all over the world – global exposure is common. You’re recognized in writer feature areas of our site both before and after sign-up. 70% of prewritten content is sold within the first 3 months.  Content requests come from over 100 categories and business types – you’ll never be bored. And they will always pay on time.

If you’re passionate about the written word and have a proven track record in creating exceptional content. They are always looking to find a great article and content writers to join their site.  APPLY NOW  On approval you will have qualified for Certified Partner status. Partner status gives you access to the Constant Content Partner badge, an image that you can add to your website, business cards, and marketing materials, which shows that you are recognized as a trusted business partner by Constant Content and by the clients.

Skyword – Content creation! Brand elevation! Career cultivation.  Internet search and social media have changed how people discover and pay for information and entertainment, throwing into chaos the way brands, media companies, and content creators traditionally interact. Skyword offers a content creation business model that works for everyone: writers, videographers, marketers, and brands. As a Skyword freelance creative, you collaborate with brand marketers, as well as Skyword editors and program managers, to tell stories that move those brands and your career forward. Connect with major brands. Do what you love. Advance your career. Simple as that. You have the skills. They have the connections. It’s an exciting time to be a freelance writer or videographer — brand journalism work is flexible, well respected, and in demand. They can connect you with companies that are leading the way.

  • Showcase your expertise and build visibility with Fortune-1000 brands.
  • Do good work. Promote it in social media. Repeat. As your influence grows, so will your opportunities.
  • Let your passions show. The more you cultivate and share your knowledge and insight, the more your audience will amplify your work.

Their creative talent pool includes journalists, subject-matter experts, influencers, professional writers, videographers, graphic designers, photographers, and animators. They create a broad range of written content  from blogs and social media posts to feature articles  as well as animations, corporate videos, infographics, and images. JOIN NOW





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