Resep Soto Medan Daging Goreng


Beef Fried Soto Medan Recipe

  1. 500 gram beef
  2. 500 gram boiled bean sprouts
  3. 12 Small Red Onion
  4. 6 Big Red Onion (Sliced and Fry)
  5. 6 Garlic
  6. 1 Galangal (crushed)
  7. 1 Ginger (crushed)
  8. 3 Fried Coriander Powder
  9. 2 Pepper Powder
  10. 4 Cloves
  11. 4 Star Anise
  12. 6 Candle Nut
  13. 2 Nutmeg
  14. 1 Coconut Milk
  15. 3 tsp Turmeric Powder
  16. 2 Lemon Grass (crushed)
  17. 4 lime leaves
  18. 2 Spring Onion (Chopped)
  19. 2 Celery (Chopped)
  20. Salt to Taste
  21. Oil for Beef Fry



  • Clean Beef, cut into small pieces and boil for 15 minutes with smashed galangal and ginger and put a little salt.
  • Blended onion, garlic, candle nut and set aside
  • After 15 minutes meat boiled, lift and drain. Don’t throw the boiled water, we need as stock. Then fry beef until dry. And chopped into small pieces
  • Drop into the beef boiled water the blended spices let the water is reduced by half then put coconut milk, nutmeg, star anise, pepper, lime leaf, coriander, cloves, turmeric and salt, mix well until the coconut milk is cooked.
  • Once the coconut milk is cooked, lift the pour into the bowl, add boiled bean sprouts, spring onions, celery and beef fried and the last step put fried onion on the top.
  • Beef Fry Soto Medan is Ready to Served




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