Lezatoos is come from Indonesian language “lezat”, the meaning in English is “delicious” or “tasty”. Referring to the meaning of lezat, we created the website “www.lezatoos.com on February 2017 and go publish in March 2017. Our first article started with simple idea about Indian cooking recipes with aim of sharing experiences of the author herself during her stay in India, about how to cook fast and practical Indian cuisine. As time goes by, we did research and ask many friends, family, relatives and many other people that they want information about lot of other things also like beauty and health tips, fitness, yoga, herbal medicines, technology,travel & tourism,education and many more…..

So, we designed lezatoos.com as a delicious package of information about cooking, beauty and healthy tips, fitness, yoga, herbal medicines, technology,………for all people 🙂 We provide the articles with two language; English and Indonesian language because our visitor is not only come from Indonesia but many visitor come from whole around the world. That’s why we balance some of articles with English and some with Indonesian language.

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