The Google Maps application saves a million secrets. Because, this program has caught a strange appearance that makes people wonder how it happened.

There are a number of locations on Google Maps that have become a mystery. The location is there which forms an unusual pattern to capture creatures that are so creepy.

  • Human Lips in Sudan

Through the capture of Google Maps, a barren location in Sudan displays unusual shapes that make many people wonder.

The location is at a point 12 ° 22’13.32 “N, 23 ° 19’20.18” E. The shape of the human lips is a hill formation that can be found in Gharb, Darfur, Sudan.

When viewed from above, the shape resembles that of a human lips. In fact, the middle of the hill is a steep valley.


  • Mesa Huerfanita in New Mexico

If you open Google Maps with the keyword Mesa Huerfanita, then you will find two large diamond shapes from above the sky.

Blowing news that in the diamond pattern are hidden bunker that had been buried for a long time.

These symbols are believed to have been used by Scientologists as a guide after fleeing to Earth from Armageddon.


  • Foreign Triangle in Australia

When you open Google Maps and look for locations at 30 ° 30’38.44 ″ S115 ° 22’56.03 ″ E, you will find an alien triangle that is curious to find out.

The picture was rediscovered in 2007 and people were surprised to learn that there was a strange triangle in the middle of which had a bright light.

Some people believe that this location has become a landing site for UFOs.


  •  Pentagram in Kazakhstan

In an area isolated from the crowds in Kazakhstan, there is a pentagram symbol that can be found through Google Maps app.

The size is so large. But no one knows how this symbol can be created. Some people believe that it’s all been made by a religious sect.


  • The Creepy Tiki Troll of Nancy, France

If you explore the streets of Nancy, France, with Google Maps, you may be very surprised. Therefore, a creepy statue in an apartment on the street.

It is called creepy because the statue was not as unusual sculpture. But it seems like a black-bodied monster with messy hair.


Source: yahoonews

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